Summer 2023 Recap!

Summer 2022 was outstanding! We returned to pre-pandemic programming levels with 80-100 youth and staff coming through the Boston Project house everyday. The Elmhurst Park Program for elementary students was bustling along with six leadership and employment programs for middle and high school students (see page 2). Our passion for building strong communities characterized by God’s shalom was on full display.

“Then God looked over all that he had made, and he saw that it was very good!” (Gen 1:31)

Our summer theme, “All That Is Good,” is from the biblical Creation story. Cady, a summer program coordinator explains, “ The theme is a recognition of Imago Dei (the image of God) in all aspects of our community. It is about valuing young people and having space where they are empowered. A place where their voices are good.” 

Cady and her co-leader, Taija-Rayne, planned The Big Event, our artistic closing summer program attended by 250 friends. “All That Is Good was expressed in many ways beyond the performances. It was the park filled with art, resources, and the community. It was youth having ownership of their voices in the community. It was God’s goodness on full display.”

All That is Good reflects God’s desire since creation. Our young people want you to know that our community is good and that they are part of that goodness. Come join us!

Middle & High School Summer Ministry


250 friends celebrated as youth proclaimed that our community is good, and they are part of the good.

Artists in Action

Youth express their voices artistically to address injustice. "A loving family of artists uplifting one another."

The Brotherhood

Inspired as agents of positive change in their community. Learning from our community leaders and elders.

Mental Health Ambassadors

Educating to end the stigma. "I gained language to understand what is happening at home."

The Sisterhood

Empowered to live out the best version of themselves. Loving self, loving each other, & loving community.

Healthy Youth Champions

Addressing local food injustice. "I learned how to serve my community's health needs."

Grace Chapel Cross-Cultural Learning Experience

Middle school students joined our youth for a week focused on food justice and service. Hottest week of the summer!

Young Life Camp

Over the summer, four youth and young adults made decisions to follow Jesus. MANY grew spiritually. "I discovered my voice and began to share my story."

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Take off with LevelUP Life Coaching

"You Have More Control Than You Think."

In October, Boston Project staff member David Meyerend offered 14-year-old Xavier* an extraordinary invitation:


 “Do you want to fly a plane?”


David got to know Xavier playing football, where Xavier stood out as competitive. The impression grew during a field trip this past summer at Boston Project’s teen job program. Xavier was one of the first to volunteer for a zipline course. “He’s a brave, fearless kid,” David shares. “Xavier doesn’t back down.”  (*Name changed)


True to character, Xavier said YES to flying.


David and Xavier drove together to Norwood Memorial Airfield, where

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Volunteer Recognition: BJ Osuagwu!

“BJ taught me a lot about being a young black man in America, coming from the toughest parts,” shares Jay. “He’s the proof that there is so much knowledge out there for us. We just have to take the time to learn and ask, He’s really intelligent – stocks, taxes, all that stuff. I wasn’t raised to be self-sufficient, but I had to be when I turned 18. I knew I could trust BJ with all that stuff – like adulting. He helped me get myself into a position where I could be more stable in the physical world.”… Read the rest...

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“For me, Genesis chapter 1, the Creation story, is one of the most hopeful pieces of scripture. It is so pure, and there is no mention of evil. Everything is right and good,” reflects muralist Alex Cook. Boston Project youth, neighbors, and volunteers painted our 6th building mural in the community this summer. Each mural is an artistic expression of a biblical theme connected to the idea of Shalom.

Alex continues, “I remember riding my bike through this location years ago on my way to Boston Project and thinking this is one of the most neglected streets I have … Read the rest...

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NOW HIRING: Mental Health Ambassador Program Coordinator

Do you have a passion for working with teenagers and supporting mental wellness? Do you have experience in relational youth work, program development, networking, and hosting youth events? We are looking for the right person to help take the Boston Project Ministries’ Mental Health Ambassadors program to its next stage. This position is about equipping a team of teenagers to advocate for better mental health in their community through education, resource-sharing, innovative self-care workshops, and city-wide coalition-building.

The Coordinator leads a team of 6-10 youth employees (ages 14 –19), including a teen Assistant Coordinator, in mental health education and community … Read the rest...

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LevelUP Life Coaching is Back!

October 15, 2022 – June 3, 2023


Coaching 101:

Your coach will be there to help you:
– create and set goals
– connect with networks and resources
– process and think through life and any questions that you may have

What to look forward to:

– weekly check-ins with your own individual coach
– personal help with your goals and dreams
– a loving adult to talk to, vent to, and hang out with


Apply for your own personal Life Coach!


Apply to be a Life Coach!









 … Read the rest...

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This 2022-2023 school year we are hiring local teenagers for our Mental Health Ambassadors leadership and workforce development jobs.

Be part of a team of teenagers focused on decreasing the stigma, educating their peers and community about mental health, and creating innovative spaces for self-care and healing. Check out our teen job page and apply online. Contact us if you need help creating a resume.


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VIDEO: This Is Our Wish

“Think past the foreseeable sight, past the unforgettable fight into a mindset bringing forth light. That – that’s my with. This is our wish.” Spoken word by Aren Williams


Boston Project staff entered this summer with a heaviness in light of all that was – and is – happening nationally in regards to racial injustice and COVID-19. As a Christian ministry, we are motivated by God’s desire for justice. Christian Grant, our youth minister reflects, “From the Psalms to the Prophets to the New Testament, you see the recurring theme of God’s righteousness and justice. When Jesus dealt with Read the rest...

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Why I Volunteer: An Interview with Nalida Besson

An Interview with Nalida Besson, Neighbor Health and Wellness Educator (pictured, left)


Q: How have you grown or changed through volunteering with The Boston Project (BPM) and Talbot-Norfolk Triangle Neighbors United (TNT)?


Nalida: Through volunteering with BPM and TNT, I have grown to appreciate my neighborhood and community even more. I feel more connected to my neighbors. As a health and wellness educator, I have volunteered to do cooking demonstrations for the Healthy Community Days at Elmhurst Park and have had the chance to talk to many neighbors who were pleasantly surprised that “healthy” food could be easy to Read the rest...

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VIDEO: The Hill We Climb

Last night our teen Mental Health Ambassadors watched again and were moved by the inaugural poem “The Hill We Climb” by the 22-year-old National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman. At this moment in history, we see “light in this never-ending shade.” There is hope amidst the sometimes overwhelming work still to be done. 


In this context, our young people discussed the overlap and the gaps between the realms of politics, justice, and mental health. As we work to create just systems, young people understand that one’s own mental well-being is vital. History, media-bias, and the sheer weight of our Read the rest...

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