TNT Neighbors United

A thriving community group.

Talbot Norfolk Triangle (TNT) Neighbors United is a civic association of residents (homeowners and renters), local businesses, churches, schools, and non-profit partners working together to make our neighborhood a thriving community. Together, we desire a community that is more eco-friendly, healthier, safer, connected, and economically-empowered.


TNT Neighbors United formed in 2003 in response to illegal bus idling in our community, health concerns related to autobody businesses, and an abundance of vacant land suitable for greenspace or affordable housing development. Prior (1997-2002), The Boston Project formed The Friends of Elmhurst Park group and participated in the West of Washington Committee. There were other important earlier civic groups in our area including the Peacevale-Whitman Association and the Seven Streets Association.


Through neighborhood actions and leadership development, TNT Neighbors United hosts monthly civic meetings, a number of annual community events, works with elected officials and City departments on community improvement projects, and more.