Sharing Stories, Sharing in Suffering

For I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last he will stand upon the earth.

~ Job 19:25


When Job wrote these words, he was in the midst of incredible suffering. His entire family and all of his accumulated wealth had been destroyed in a moment. To Job and those closest to him, there was no way to make sense of the tragedy. He was a God-follower. Why would such tragedy strike his life? His friends told him that he must have sin in his life that he was clinging to. If only he would repent, he would … Read the rest...

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We Need Each Other

“I love walking around the neighborhood and seeing how it has changed. How much it’s improved. I always know Boston Project is having an impact,” shares Kevin Baird, a pastor at Hamilton Congregational Church. Kevin first visited The Boston Project ten years ago. “I remember sitting around this big long table with Paul and Keith, back in the day, and just catching the vision!”


Ten years later, we are still dreaming together over a cup of coffee. However, the people around the table have changed. Now Liz and Ben Cressy are talking with Kevin. Liz first met Kevin when she … Read the rest...

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Swing Me!

“Keith. Keith! KEITH!!! Can you swing me?!The sounds of my summer were full of little voices calling for pushes on swings, band-aids on boo-boo’s, help with crafts, bathroom breaks, and a hundred other requests. In an unexpected turn, due to staffing needs of the ministry, I directed the Elmhurst Park Children’s Program this summer – a first in my time at The Boston Project – and I loved it!


For six weeks, The Boston Project operates a free, drop-in program for kids ages 5 to 12, full of activities, games, crafts, Bible lessons, and more. On a typical … Read the rest...

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