Our Approach

We Are Relational.

We want to know you. We value hearing everyone’s voice as we work together to build a strong community. We encourage neighbors to connect with each other and to join our civic activities.


We Are Place-Based.

A place-based approach focuses us on the entire community and aims to address issues, such as the built environment, neighborhood connectedness, and access to equitable resources, at a neighborhood level. Place-based is also person-centered and bottom-up addressing the unique needs of our neighbors.


We Are Asset-Based.

Asset-based community development (ABCD) is a sustainable approach to community development that embraces the strengths and potential of people, associations, and institutions already existing within the community. Rather than viewing our neighborhood as a place of deficits, ABCD celebrates and builds upon our talents and expertise.


Guiding Principles of ABCD

  • Everyone has gifts: Each person in a community has something to contribute.
  • Relationships build a community: People must be connected in order for sustainable community development to take place.
  • Citizens at the center: Citizens should be viewed as actors—not recipients—in development.
  • Leaders involve others: Community development is strongest when it involves a broad base of community action.
  • People care: Challenge notions of “apathy” by listening to people’s interests.
  • Listen: Decisions should come from conversations where people are heard.
  • Ask: Asking for ideas is more sustainable than giving solutions.
  • Inside-out organization: Local community members are in control.
  • Institutions serve the community: Institutional leaders should create opportunities for community-member involvement, then “step back.


Sources: https://www.neighborhoodtransformation.net/pdfs/What_%20is_Asset_Based_Community_Development.pdf