Art as Healing

Art is an Instrument to be Played with Through our Healing Journeys.

 That’s just it, Healing is a process. Healing  doesn’t happen all at once and is not always attractive in its little parts, but in the end, it’s a mosaic.

 Art, in the same way, is a process. The process is personalized and gives air for imagination to flow. Art as Healing encourages neighbors of all ages to inquire about their life’s mosaic through art making in the midst of their mental, emotional or communal wounds. 

Art frees our inner child, creating a kaleidoscope of interpersonal interactions that fortify who we are as individuals and solidify neighbors in community. 

In this Art mission there is freedom for one to express themselves, through painting, poetry, dance, music and more. 

With structured workshops and activities, participants with tremendous or little to none artistic technique gain the confidence to flow freely in their creativity. This allows for  Art as Healing to actively peel back layers of oppression built up in our neighborhood and in the many colors our lives embody. 

Let us Remedy Through Art Creation Together!