Mental Health Ambassadors

Creating a team approach to mental health issues.

Did you know that 1 in 5 teenagers and adults are struggling with mental health issues at any given time? There is a growing mental health crisis amongst adolescents and, in particular Black and Brown youth.


The Mental Health Ambassadors program brings together teenagers who are passionate about supporting teen mental health. Together, the MHA team works to decrease the stigma, educate their peers and community about mental health, and create innovative spaces for self-care and healing.


We host both a school year and summer cohort of young people paid to bring their ideas to the table. We empower youth as co-creators with professionals to fill a vacuum in mental health policymaking and resource creation/distribution.



Mental Health Videos


A Brave Space for Real Talk


Education is Needed

The Stigma of Mental Health


Talking About Depression


Mental Health Opportunities

If you are interested in participating in any of our programs as a teenager, or are an adult who wants to learn more about volunteering with us, please let us know.


Real Talk

A monthly youth-led brave space for group conversations about mental health.

Self-Care Practices

Free events throughout the month for teenagers to practice self-care such as yoga, spoken word workshops, art nights, and more.

Mental Health First Aid

Specialized training for our cohort teens equipping them to provide mental health support and intervention for their peers and other youth groups.


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