VIDEO: This Is Our Wish

“Think past the foreseeable sight, past the unforgettable fight into a mindset bringing forth light. That – that’s my with. This is our wish.” Spoken word by Aren Williams


Boston Project staff entered this summer with a heaviness in light of all that was – and is – happening nationally in regards to racial injustice and COVID-19. As a Christian ministry, we are motivated by God’s desire for justice. Christian Grant, our youth minister reflects, “From the Psalms to the Prophets to the New Testament, you see the recurring theme of God’s righteousness and justice. When Jesus dealt with people, He was intentional about meeting people’s needs and confronting the systems that were wrong.”


Boston Project youth programs continue to engage:

  • The Mental Health needs of teenagers
  • Food justice in our community
  • The role of Arts in activism and healing
  • Racial justice
  • Amplifying the community’s voice


We leave you with some of our teen’s hope for their future: equality, feeling safe, people of all backgrounds coming together.