Life Coaching: A Relationship Bigger Than A Program

When asked to describe his Life Coach, Collin smiles and quickly responds “He’s more of a friend than someone who’s just there to tell you something. Someone you can actually talk to. He gets me, he gets where I come from. In just a couple of months, teen Collin, and his coach David formed a remarkable relationship. David tells us “I told him I am not his coach because of the program, but because I care for him. We have always made our relationship bigger than the program.” 


Though COVID-19 affected their ability to meet in person, the two still talked weekly via Zoom. David shares that perhaps the openness and friendliness of CP surprised him most. “He was open and ready to ask questions, and really engage in the things we set for ourselves. He would be the one to say ‘Can we meet?’ If it was time for our meeting, he was already in the Zoom room, waiting.” David let Collin drive the conversation as they discussed topics that were on his mind, and they focused on long and short-term goal setting.


Collin already sees it paying off. “Life coaching helps me set out my future goals and keep me on task. Not many people have that much guidance. I’ve only done it for a little while and I feel like I’ve gone so far myself.” Collin wants to become a professional boxer. With his usual gym closed due to the pandemic, it was a real challenge to continue training. He set a goal of working out two times per day. Together, David and Collin worked on the time management and discipline required to make that happen. Another goal was finishing the yard work he began with his grandmother. He proudly reveals that, here at the end of the program, it’s almost done!


Collin emphasizes how much a program like this can help teens’ mental health. “Most teenagers don’t have people to talk to. People who actually ask and care. This program is a place for them to express themselves. Now I always have someone to talk to.” 


The end of the year celebration was a socially-distanced, outdoor event. This was the first time that Collin and David saw each other in person, and it was a really special moment. They hung out the entire time there, engrossed in conversation. Both of them are excited for our second round of Life Coaching and plan to continue their relationship. A relationship that is truly bigger than a program.