Youth & Family Ministries

Our Approach to Working with children, youth, and adults

Caring for the Whole Person

Strong communities are made up of children, youth, and families who thrive in every area of their lives. That’s why we strive to have a wholistic ministry that impacts people in every part of their lives.

We seek to develop individuals to do their best academically and economically. We make opportunities for healthy relationships between neighbors, including reconciliation within a diverse community. We work to improve the physical environment of our community alongside neighbors and businesses. And we join with what God is already doing so that we are all growing in our understanding and relationship with God.

Some of our Youth & Family Ministries:

  • Children’s Programs – Homework Center, Elmhurst Park Summer Program
  • Youth Employment & Leadership Development – TNT Youth Council, Youth Leadership Academy, Brotherhood & Sisterhood, Summer Jobs Programs, and Media Arts
  • Bible Studies – Real Life Teen Bible Study, Neighborhood Life Group
  • Parent Engagement – TNT Parents United
  • Intergenerational Community Events – Being Thankful For My Community Day, Boston Shines, Family Fun Nights, and more
  • Senior Outreach – Home Repair Ministry
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