Greenspace Projects

4d_Greenspace ProjectsOur neighborhood has one of the highest density of children and the lowest density of greenspace in the city of Boston. The Boston Project is committed to proactively shape green, open spaces for children, teenagers, and adults to enjoy for decades to come. Our efforts focus on reclaiming vacant city-held lots in our community – especially since public open space represents less than 5% of TNT’s land use.

Elmhurst Park

The park that started it all

In 1998, neighbors first gathered to share concerns over unsafe, vacant lots on Elmhurst Street where illegal dumping was taking place. We cleared out debris and garbage and worked with community partners and the City to fundraise and advocate for a place where children could play close to home. After ten-plus years of hard work and dedication, our community celebrated the opening of Elmhurst Street Children’s Park in 2009! Now, in addition to being a safe and fun place for our children to play, Elmhurst Park is used for Community Events, children’s programs, and more.


 The Whole story

Then More Green...

Once we neared the completion of Elmhurst Park, neighbors continued working together to make more real change! Over the next few years, our community identified other areas to transform into green spaces that are enjoyed by all.

Garden of Peace

A walk-through corner lot became a passive park with a rain garden, sitting benches, and native plants.

Codman Burying Ground

A historic cemetery in the heart of our neighborhood gets a face-lift after years of overgrowth.

Community Garden

A beautiful garden with a sunburst of raised beds, where neighbors grow together.

Children's Community Learning Garden

The Value of Churches Partnering with Our Neighborhood

A Special Thanks

In 2012, work on the Children’s Community Learning Garden was well underway. Neighbors had already identified the vacant lot, defined how it was to be transformed, and created an initial design for the garden. Teenagers employed with our summer jobs program had begun working on the garden, but there was still much to be done.

One of our partner churches, Grace Chapel, took a special Christmas offering towards the garden’s completion. This gift allowed us to hire local teenagers to finish the garden, and to install needed features. Youth from their church also worked at the garden with us. This is just one way that church partners can have lasting impact on our community.

ParkOpening8What’s Next?

The Boston Project remains committed to being a place where our neighbors can come together and dream about what our community can look like. Our neighborhood group, the TNT Neighbors United is actively engaged in planning for other community spaces, vacant lots, and public and private development, to ensure a green and healthy neighborhood.

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