Summer Staff Application

Thank you for your interest in working with us this summer! First, we encourage you to pray about the opportunity to serve with The Boston Project. If you’re getting a “green light,” then…

Complete the appropriate application for the  Youth & Family Ministries (YFM) or the Summer Missions Program (SMP). There are separate applications for each program, so make sure you choose the program you are interested in.


Application Forms

YFM Application

Complete the ONLINE YFM Application to apply for positions with the Youth and Family Ministries or DOWNLOAD YFM Application to submit via email.

SMP Application

Complete the ONLINE SMP Application to apply for positions with the Summer Missions Program or DOWNLOAD SMP Application to submit via email.

Reference Form

Complete the ONLINE Reference Form for any summer positions or DOWNLOAD Reference Form to submit via email. All summer staff applicants need to submit TWO (2) reference forms (Friend or Mentor and a Spiritual Leader).


Submitting Your Application

1. If you completed your application online, you are all set.

2. If you downloaded the application, please submit your completed application and resume to

3. You are required to have TWO (2) people complete reference forms for you. These can be done online or by downloading the form and emailing the completed reference to Feel free to send this link – – to those completing your reference.


We accept applications beginning in January and make hiring decisions on a rolling basis until our staff teams are full. Once we receive your application, resume, and two references, we will contact you about next steps. (If you do not hear from us in a timely manner, please feel free to email or call).

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