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A Neighborhood United

Talbot Norfolk Triangle (TNT) Neighbors United are residents (homeowners and renters) and local businesses working together to make our neighborhood a caring and thriving community for all through neighborhood actions and leadership development! We host monthly meetings bringing neighbors together along with the Boston Police, our elected officials, and local non-profits to discuss and take action on issues impacting our quality of life.

The roots of this neighborhood group began years ago through the work of Mrs. Edith Pegues and Mr. Handbury (current residents of Southern Ave) in a group known as the Seven Streets Association. Peacevale Road and Whitman Street also had a thriving resident's association led by Patricia Morris and Gail Granville. Their hard work, along with that of many other residents, provided inspiration and hope that a new group of Neighbors United could thrive in the new millennium.

Geographically, the TNT Neighbors United group includes streets that intersect or are inside the three sides of the "Triangle" (beginning at Codman Square) - Talbot Avenue, Norfolk Street, and the Commuter rail tracks.

TNT Neighbors United meets the 4th Tuesday of every month (except December) at 6:45 pm at The Boston Project's home (15 Elmhurst Street). Everyone is welcome!

Contact The Boston Project by phone at 617-929-0925 weekdays between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm (Eastern), or by email at .