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Academic Internships

Interning with The Boston Project.
The Boston Project is an organization which promotes life-long learning. Thus, we are a great fit for student's internships because we learn and work together. We have spent over 15 years working with college age students and have discovered (mostly through feedback) that The Boston Project has been a foundational work and ministry experience.

The Boston Project works with college and university students who would like to complete an internship, practicum, or field education experience for their academic focus. We have worked with a variety of students to fulfill their academic requirements in a supportive and exciting ministry environment. Internships typically range from 3 to 12 months.

We are flexible in developing your internship. We can accommodate varying hours and learning experiences. Some of the best internship experiences we are able to offer include:

  • learning how to lead service-learning programs in a city environment
  • working with urban youth (primarly elementary, middle school and junior high)
  • working with suburban and rural youth (primarly junior high and high school age)
  • community organizing opportunities
  • outreach with families in need addressing immediate physical, housing, or spiritual needs
  • cross-cultural ministry
  • opportunities to work with the homeless (in partnership with other ministries)
  • developing administrative, organizational, and writing skills

Current Internship Opportunities

This school year, we are seeking 2-3 interns to join us. Below are the areas we have the greatest need, although if there are specific ministry areas you are interested in, we may be able to modify these positions.
  • Neighborhood Youth Ministries Intern - spend your time investing in children and youth, learn about program development and management, and discover the unique aspects of urban youth ministry, semester based.
  • Community Development Research Intern - assist in a community research project including analyzing current 2010 census data, or study the history and current national context for neighborhood ministry houses.
  • Service-Learning Intern - join our team to learn how to inspire a multi-cultural hands-on volunteer movement. Learn the behind the scenes of volunteer management while also directly working with volunteer groups in community-based service projects.

Internships During the Academic Year

Once we understand your primary interests and school requirements we can then can determine if an internship with The Boston Project may be a good match. We would then develop a job description that would benefit you in your professional and spiritual development.

Longer internships may also stretch over the summer and parts of the academic year. Free housing may be available for internships during the academic year.

Internships During the Summer

You may be able to meet your internship requirements through one of our summer staff positions. These positions are paid (stipend, housing, and food). For a summer internship, please apply through our Summer Staff pages.

To further discuss internship opportunities, contact our Executive Director, Paul Malkemes or call 617-929-0925.
Contact The Boston Project by phone at 617-929-0925 weekdays between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm (Eastern), or by email at .