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At The Boston Project, we know how important a summer job can be. Beyond the paycheck, it is beneficial to find a job where you can explore your career interests while learning foundational work-readiness skills. We want you to succeed! Our hope is that in whatever job comes after The Boston Project, you will be known as a top employee.


What’s different about The Boston Project? Jaedon, one of our Healthy Youth Champions from 2018, describes the impact of The Boston Project. “I like this place. I feel the loyalty; no matter what we can talk things out. We are family. That is what I need more of. Last year was really, really negative for me, but this summer was really good. I needed that.” Can you relate? There’s just something about having people and a place of support to turn to. The Boston Project is a place where you can thrive.


We are hiring 24 High School Students for summer 2019.


There are 5 different teams. These are hourly paid positions.
Job descriptions and how to apply below.

Working Together

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High School Jobs

24 job positions available for youth ages 15-19.

We are also a City of Boston Department of Youth Engagement and Employment (DYEE) site so you can indicate to them your interest of working at The Boston Project Ministries. (12 of the positions are with DYEE)

If you have questions, contact Christian Grant, our Youth Programs Manager.

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